Monday, August 31, 2009

Blossom Tree, by VieiraGirl

Blossom Tree, by VieiraGirl

Upon viewing this beautiful pink print a wonderful childhood memory came rushing back into my head. And for this, I am grateful to have found this seller and her prints.

When I look at this print I feel fuzzy, and I mean that in the most positive way! Not only does it look texturally "fuzzy", but it brings back a "fuzzy" memory of my family and I sitting under cherry blossom trees in Japan, welcoming spring. I can't remember specific details of this event, but I can feel the memory. If I close my eyes I can put myself back in time, sitting on a blanket, eating sweet treats and being slightly blinded by the warm sun seeping its way through the pink blossom petals, just as VieiraGirl depicted in her print.

I always love how certain smells, sounds and even images can rush a memory to the present. It is fascinating what the mind can store and surprise you with years later.

Not only do I love how senses act as a time machine, but I also love how art can evoke a distant emotion. Art is amazingly powerful and everyone can relate to certain pieces differently. Even though the creation is the product of an artist, the connection that someone feels is a personal relationship to the piece and one's own memory. In that way I think art as communication is one of the most powerful forms of expression.

VieiraGirl depicts the wonders of color in nature through her prints. I love how she focuses on one thing, like a tree, a blossom, poppy petals. They make these natural wonders stand out and allow you to bask in their color. Not only do I enjoy looking at the prints in her shop but I enjoyed the journey she led me back to.

Thank you, VieiraGirl!

Friday, August 28, 2009

She Dreamed of Being a Mermaid, by JenniferMorrisBeads

She Dreamed of Being a Mermaid, by JenniferMorrisBeads

If well done, a picture can clearly show the beauty of a handmade item (check). A written description, or in the case of JenniferMorrisBeads, a poem, can reflect the muse and story the creator shares through her craft.

When I first look at these beautiful earrings, the color is the first thing that strikes me. Turquoise and light blues always catch my attention. But while the design itself is stunning and perfect in its execution, the poem that accompanies this piece fills the clay with "magic", just as Jennifer says. It brings the piece to life. I am going to share the poem with you here:

she caught a glimpse
out of the corner of her eye
a beautiful tail
fanning reflecting
watery glow
under the blue waves
dancing with seahorses
just below

You can see the tail of the mermaid and the splashes she makes from her dive. You can see the depth of the ocean from the dark navy blue clay and how the light colors are the players in this story. These earrings tell a story, and a what an imaginative story for such a small delicacy to wear on your ears.

I always enjoy seeing what new pieces, and new stories, JenniferMorrisBeads has in her shop.

She is the queen of clay jewelry creations!

Topographical Error, by ToyBreaker

Topographical Error, by ToyBreaker

These ties definitely do NOT suck.

In fact, they are awesome!

I found ToyBreaker's shop on a random Etsy search for things "navy" and was drawn to this tie with topographical maps.

I am a bit biased on why I like these so much; my fiancee is an oceanographer. These got a very quick heart from me. I think this tie will be the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays or 'just because'. The colors are wonderfully oceanic, the silk looks divine and the map is a great pattern for a dress-up or dress-down occassion.

I hope when my fiancee wears this tie it will be for some kind of presentation on oceanographic findings. He'll be the most stylin' scientist in the room I am sure.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Deep Red Dolphin Necklace, by Judie Gumm Designs

"The Deep Red Dolphin Necklace", by Judie Gumm Designs

What a necklace!

I know Judie Gumm personally and have always admired her jewelry. She recently opened her Etsy shop and I recommend visiting her shop and looking at her nature-inspired jewelry, it is incredible.

This necklace has a strand of faceted carnelian beads and each bead brings out the details of the oyster shell in the cab setting. I never knew oyster shells could look so daring and colorful, the orange is stunning. I really love how Judie set a peridot stone on the pendant, the color combination is simply eye-catching. The orange-green combo is a beautiful set to wear for this time of year.

I have seen this necklace in person and I can guarantee you that it is MORE beautiful than what the photograph shows ( even though the photo is very well done ). It is a very unique piece and has a very strong design. There are a lot of delicate features to it, like the diamond and dolphins swirling the pendant, but what I love most is how the oyster setting breaks the delicacies of the necklace and turns it into a statement. This is a definite conversation piece.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pleated Neckline Dress, by Lirola

Pleated Neckline Dress, by Lirola

I am in love with this dress.

I first saw Lirola's shop on a Gift Guide for Fall Fashion and immediately became enamored with a light green shirt design that has a beautiful rustled look to it.

I 'hearted' this dress right away and gasped with displeasure when I saw it sold the next day. (Lirola, thank you for reposting it! I hope you have this design forever! I DO intend to buy one!)

Two things grabbed my attention when I saw this dress: the color and the pleating. This shade of purple is almost mesmerizing, I think the color of the dresser and other items in the room give the dress a very calm effect. It is very easy on the eyes.

The asymmetrical pleating is so attractive and compliments the neckline. Ruffles can oftentimes look overwhelming, but Lirola has done something very unique and incredibly stylish by making them drape the neckline.

The photography is very well done in Lirola's shop. Every apparel item is well modeled and each photograph shows the details.

I send this seller a very BIG heart! Beautiful work.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4-Ever Wedding Invitation, by SilhouetteBlue

4-Ever Wedding Invitations, by SilhouetteBlue

I fell in love with this design a few months ago when my fiancee and I were getting ready to send invitations out.

Wedding invitations can say a lot about the personality and style of a couple and I wanted to find the right 'look' that would reflect who we are. I thought this would be a simple task, as we are very laid-back people, but it became a pretty challenging endeavor. At long last, I found SilhouetteBlue. I was instantly drawn to her simple, yet very stylish designs. The wording, colors and silhouettes of her invitations and cards bring a modern sophistication to the greeting. Plus, the joy of receiving that personally addressed envelope in your mailbox with such a beautiful card to open is a major bonus :-)

I have had the pleasure of working with this lovely creator at SilhouetteBlue on my wedding inviations. We went for the 4-Ever Wedding Invitations because they reflect our love for the outdoors, especially hiking. Since my fiancee and I met in Alaska, we think the tree is a perfect symbol of our time in the Last Frontier. Plus, the carving of initiatls is a very sweet touch that I love.

Our family members LOVED receiving this invitation. We have since ordered announcements with the same design. I plan on shopping from SilhouetteBlue for every occassion!

Pink Petals on Brown Clutch, by Shakuyaku

Pink Petals on Brown Clutch, by Shakuyaku

I recently bought this clutch purse for my Maid of Honor and love it!

Zeni of Shakuyaku has created very unique clutch purses with beautiful fabric. Each purse is eye-catching with an amazing combination of colors and shades that will compliment any outfit and occassion. This one came lined with sweet bright pink silk. The outer fabric seems very durable and very well sown, something that I appreciate about the quality of the product.

These clutches definitely channel the vintage look. I cannot wait to purchase one for myself and show it off around town. I want one in every color!

Raven with Lava Beads, by Alex Metal Arts

Raven with Lava Beads, by AlexMetalArts

The first thing that caught my eye about this necklace is the oxidized raven on the silver pendant - gorgeous! And so dramatic! The lighting shows you just how smooth the surface of the pendant is and gives you an idea of just how much time and effort it took to construct its shapely perfection.

In the item description, Alex describes ravens as being an important mythological character, as a "harbinger of death to the creator of the world". As volcanoes spew lava, a matter that destroys and creates life after it hardens and settles, this necklace carries an even deeper meaning that adds even more drama to the entire ensemble.

I appreciate the simplicity of the photograph, I like the gradiated grey background that brings more attention to the pendant. The angle is interesting, again, it shows off the pendant!

Alex has several pieces with ravens, all are amazing. I encourage everyone to visit his shop (and drool over your keyboards).